What's it all about?

Walker, A.,  Daisies in the Cotswolds , 2012

Walker, A., Daisies in the Cotswolds, 2012

Life is darkness and light, resistance and sensation, both. And we are all trying to express - as an artistic form or a political action, as a way to contribute or continue a lifelong search for relevance and meaning. The world is full of expression: forced silences turn to deafening demonstrations; nature bellows and then is tamed and quiet; acts are carried out that render human life profound or insignificant. As we move and are moved, both dissonance and harmony encase us. Consciously or not, we are influenced by the spaces we fill and those we dare not.

This blog will begin as poetry and maybe evolve into other forms. There is no ultimate destination, only a journey with words as touchstones, reminding us that we are never completely lost. It should be about interaction, engagement, feelings that have no rhyme, thoughts that chew on reason. So offer words up, for others to write to; or post lines that beg a story. Unless otherwise noted, the writing that appears in this blog is the creative musing and murmuring of Amy Walker; her photos reflective of many an amazing adventure or sobering journey. The sketches that appear will be treasures offered and generously shared by friends, with credit given to the artist.

Ultimately, the writing here is about them and us, becoming the other, walking for precious moments inside each other’s skin.