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Caversham Textiles

Caversham Textiles is a new division of The Caversham Press producing beautiful hand printed fabrics. All designs are eithe based on prints created at The Press with the permission of the artists or their families. Other designs have been specifically created for use on textiles by Artists.

Caversham Centre

Caversham Centre is a Non Profit Organisation and seeks to cultivate significance in the individual and their community by fostering leadership, innovation and excellence through the implementation of effective sustainable models using creativity and the arts. This is carried out through the CreActive Centres as well as through Masbalaneni which is based at The Caversham Press

Caversham Institute

Caversham Institute is a branch of the Caversham family focusing on Early Childhood Development. 

The Institute offers full qualifications at NQF level 5

Out of the Cube

Out of the Cube is a virtual platform for contemporary art in South Africa with exhibitions changing on a regular basis.

Julia Meintjes Fine Art

Curating and consulting services specialising in the field of South African art. Julia Meintjes Fine Art provide discreet and professional advice to collectors, both private and corporate, helping them to start, maintain and build their collection

Mandy Conidaris

Mandy Conidaris is our sales representative, and we have been working in association with her for almost 20 years. Mandy is an independent art professional living in Johannesburg whose areas of specialty include printmaking and contemporary South African prints. This, her professional website and gives an overview of her work, her focus and her qualifications.